Logo Design UK Standard At A Fraction Of The Price

Logo Design UK Example

Going to the UK would be a dream for most people. What more when it comes to shopping for their products or services. Since the British pounds is higher than the US dollar, you’d have to end up paying quite a sum if you’re going there to shop or visit friends. What more for British folks who are thinking of setting up their own online business. You would think that they would have to pay quite a sum to get things running at their end.

I had a look at some of their logo design companies that are locate in London or in the UK. They charge quite a sum of money for any of their design services. So what do the locals do when they are in need of logos or custom designed websites? They check online for alternative logo design UK standard work that are offered by professional logo design companies that are not within the UK.

I must say, there’s a huge difference in pricing for getting the same level of service and product. Need a logo? You don’t have to pay in British pounds. Even by paying in US dollar with the currency exchange rate, you would have saved quite a bundle. So why bother paying the full price when you can pay only a fraction but get the same level of professional service, money back guarantee, unlimited revision on any of the design work and a faster turn around time from other logo design companies?

Talk about saving a big chunk on your budget. Even if you needed a brand new logo for an organization, event, company or project that you’re working on, everyone loves a good deal. In this day and age, you don’t even have to meet the designer as everything is done online. As long as communication is done well, you’ll get your new logos in no time.

Here’s a logo design UK standard company that offers their services at a fraction of the price. You could find out more about them here http://www.logo44.com/logo-design-studio-review/

Talk about stretching your British pound. Imagine how much money you will end up saving if you have an entire design project including custom website, logo design and stationery packages all included by just using the services of a non-UK corporate logo design company that is able to offer the same level of quality and service as a UK design company?

Anyway, here’s a short video on sample logo design UK that you could check out :

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Minimal Logo Design Inspiration

Minimal Logo Design Examples

If you notice one thing that many top companies out there have is a minimal logo design. Take for example one of the most valuable tech companies in the world, Apple which has a very simple yet sleek logo design. You’ll also notice that the design of the Apple stores worldwide have a somewhat similar theme to complement their top range products and company image. Stores have big and wide spaces all designed to bring focus to Apple’s beautiful products.

While having a minimal logo design to represent your company may look cool and project a creative image depending on how the professional logo designer creates your logo, you would need to make sure that you business is able to live up to the image. And if this is the first time that you are wanting a creative yet minimal logo design created, you need to make sure that your logo designer is good enough to create one for you.

One could easily argue that a minimal logo design is easy to make but making it creative yet simple takes skill and art on the part of the logo designer who is working on it. Usually this type of logos have only one or two color the most as the main idea is to keep it simple and uncomplicated. So that when people see it, they will be able to identify the hidden meaning or have a complete understanding of what the logo stand for.

If you’ve already engaged a business logo designer or company to come up with some logo design concepts, you’ll find this article on how to choose a logo design helpful. It covers a few important topics that will help customers decide on which logo will best suite them taking into account factors such as color, company image, the use of fonts and images along with making sure that your logo is ‘safe’.

So make sure you pick designers who are able to come up with truly inspirational logo designs for you. A logo that you will be proud to have represent your company products, services and values. And by the way, when we talk about minimal, I don’t mean that the logo design comes in the form of only your company name in text format using a different font.

It has to be more than that. it needs to capture people’s attention and it also needs to be impressive enough so that people could remember it easily and it stays in their mind. Quite a tall order right? A good logo design company will be able to deliver it.

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Logo Design Pricing Comparison

99Designs Logo Pricing

You’d be a nut not to take the time to do some logo design pricing comparison if you need some logo design services. These days, there are so many different logo and website design companies out there all claiming to offer the best bang for your buck. I had a look at a few and was quite amazed at the price difference.

Now if you’re wanting more than just a design work done, then obviously it’s going to cost you more. Other than that, getting a logo created should not cost more than a $100. Neither should it cost 5 bucks either. And no one wants to waste time trying to figure out how to create one when they could just pay a professional designer or logo design firm to get it done for them fast.

Logo Design Studio Pricing

So let’s get to the crunch. What did I discovered lately? When looking for a logo design firm, pick a reliable one. By that I mean those that have money back guarantees that do not come with a long list of criteria which you need to fulfill in order to get your money back in case you’re absolutely not satisfied with their design work. If in doubt on what their guarantee covers, please make it a point to ask.

The main thing is to compare the logo design pricing and type of services offered. If you’re only looking for design work be it gettingĀ  logo created or a custom website look built, you will also need to consider whether you need any help in integration. Some logos may look great but when trying to upload it to your website could be quite a nightmare as it may not jive with the look of your site. What more when it comes to integrating a custom designed website.

Decide on what you need. Would a complete logo design package that comes with stationery and website design help or just a company logo being created will do? And how much is it going to cost you? Need some help comparing the prices? Here’s a site that’s done a pretty good job reviewing some of the top logo design companies out there that you could check out. http://www.logo44.com

If given the choice between paying $299 or $69.97 to get a logo created for your business, which would you pick? You may also want to consider using your available funds to fix other things on your website. So do the pricing comparison wisely.

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Professional Logo Design And Marketing Review

Logo Design And Marketing

If you’re looking for a British logo or website design company, one of the more established UK company happens to be Logo Design & Marketing. I found out about them through a Logo Design and Marketing review recently. Apparently, they offer branding services as well. So for businesses that are looking for a boost or planning a business revamp, this local UK company has quite a number of years of experience under their belt.

What started as a one man personal business has grown to an impressive team of designers and account managers that are doing a great job catering to the needs of small start ups to huge companies. Whether you need a complete business look overhaul or you are just starting to venture into business, this logo design company has plenty to offer.

The cheapest logo design package comes with stationery design which is perfect for small businesses that just need a logo. Business owners who require help in having a logo and website created for them could opt for the medium range package while those who are planning to sell online could choose the comprehensive logo design and ecommerce website creation package.

These packages were created to help business owners save time as no one wants to spend hours trying to come up with a logo or to put together a website or ecommerce site when they can just leave it to the experts. Time is money hence it shows that this logo design maker know what their clients are looking for.

And when dealing with businesses, branding is always important. So offering powerpoint templates and email templates will give a more professional look especially when businesses are reaching out to their customers. Logo Design & Marketing also provided the flexibility to add on these to their existing packages. I’m sure if you want something that is more tailored to your style, you could contact them.

For a more detailed review of the company, you could check out this excellent site http://www.logo44.com/logo-design-and-marketing-review/ to get a run down on what’s good and not about the company. Remember that if you’re looking for a good design company, flexibility and professionalism always go a long way.

My take is that you make full use of the team of designers to get their feedback on whatever design project that you want them to work on since they have branding experience. Tap on their expertise.

However, if you’re not keen on paying so much for a UK logo design, there are other logo design companies that you could tap on which offer competitive rates without the fuss. Check out this UK logo design short video here :

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Crowdsourcing From Online Logo Maker 99Designs

Online Logo Maker 99Designs

With so many online logo makers around, picking one could be a headache for some people. Like what could be so complicated? All you need is a logo so you look for someone to design it for you. That’s because you don’t have the time to create a logo yourself or you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to use a logo maker software. Period.

So go ahead and pay someone to do it for you. But then there’s the question on how many concept designs that you’ll be provided by online logo designers. Some may provide you with only one design while others could offer you between 2 to more than a dozen design concepts to pick from. This actually depends on your preference.

Then there’s the budget issue. If you have a generous budget to play with, you could consider a crowdsourcing marketplace like 99Designs where tonnes of eager beaver designers from the world over will gladly jump on the bandwagon to come up with different logos or website designs for you. It’s like attracting a huge crowd. The bigger the pot of gold, the more designs you’ll get to look at while those logo or website designers who submitted them will be hoping that you pick their designs in order for them to get paid.

So if you’re the type that wants to look at many different types of design before picking a winner, then online logo maker 99Designs are quite a popular choice.

However, pricing may be a put off for many small businesses that are just starting out. These may prefer to look for cheap logo design companies that are able to come up with professional custom logo design for them.

Time is also a factor besides pricing as some people may need their logo designs fast. However, you may want to check out the 99Designs review to get a bigger picture on what to expect or look out for. While customers may get a flood of designs from designers all over, there’s no telling whether these designs that are submitted were created from cheap logo design software.

These are just some of the things to watch out for if you’re going to go with this online logo design company.

This would be something to consider as many logo design software out there all have standard designs and look which could render your logo in breach of trademark rights later on if it was discovered that someone else already has the same design under their name.

Anyway, here’s a short video I found about 99Designs which you could have a look :

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Selecting Affordable Logo Designers Can Be Tricky

Incident One
A couple of years back, I hired a logo design firm for a charitable organization I was involved with. Being non-profit organization, we were on a tight budget so I had to look for professional yet affordable logo designers. I Googled the term experienced affordable logo designers and there were a tonne of results.

Apparently, the word affordable is subjective. To some, anything less that a grand is affordable. To others on a tight budget like me, $150 or less would do nicely.

Anyway, I went ahead and shortlisted a few logo design companies based on what I saw in their portfolio. I finally chose one. I was pretty impressed at first. They got the first concepts out within 4 days and they were confident they could tweak everything to my liking within a week.

Unfortunately, 7 business days and 5 revisions later, we were nowhere close to getting the final artwork. So after speaking to the art director on the phone, we decided to that sometimes these things happen, even to the best of designers, and I should request a refund.

This is where it starts to get interesting.

So, I officially requested a refund. And from the $199 I paid upfront, I only received $49 back. This was when I realized that I really should have read the fine print.

Apparently, refunds are guaranteed but the amount refunded isn’t. You see, there are additional charges involved – processing charges, administration charges, concept design charges and so on.

If the terms and conditions do not state ’100% money back guarantee’ without any strings attached like what Logo-Design-Studio.com offers, than you’d better be prepared to receive about 20% to 30% of the amount you paid.

Incident Two
Another lesson I learned about dealing with logo designers, be it firms or individuals, was to make sure you know what kind of files I’d be getting in the end.

I had the impression I would be getting the final artwork in what is known as a vector file. A vector file would enable me to scale the logo to any size I want without sacrificing the image quality.

Unfortunately, I received the final artwork in a low resolution JPEG format in 250px x 100px which meant I could only use the logo on websites. I was informed that if I wanted the logo designs in a higher resolution, I would have to pay more. And if I wanted it in a vector format, I would have to pay even more.

Once again, I should have read the fine print before proceeding.

My advice to those looking for affordable logo designers is to always read the fine print carefully before you hire them. In terms of quality, sometimes you really can’t tell the difference between logos which cost thousands and the ones that cost a few hundred dollars. (Read about logo quality here: http://www.logo44.com/affordable-logo-design-quality/). However, logo design providers may charge really low for the logo design per se, but just like low cost airlines, they’ll find a way to make money some another way.

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